Homing Season

by Claudio Cataldi

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Written and performed by Claudio Cataldi
Recorded at D6280 Home Studio, 2012-2013
Cello on "Song of Hate" and "Take Care" by Aldo Ammirata
Keys on "Nowadays" by Federico Ghersi
Mastering by Keith Prater
Artwork by Federico Lupo
"Cal" --> Inspired by the novel "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides
2013 Som-Nonlabel


released September 23, 2013

"Un composito universo sonoro riassunto nel diario di un ritorno a casa" (Music Won't Save You, Italy)

"Luxuriating in a field of violin, viola and Spanish guitar – Claudio Cataldi evokes a sense of rustling breezes with his evocations of nature slip through the speakers [...] The music is evocative of the season, as with the previous releases over the past five years, which are timed to reflect the season, yet somehow as with Cohen, whilst it can be taken in a crowd this is music best digested as a solitary feast at dusk." (Emerging Indie Bands, UK)

"Un disco in bianco e nero, sincero, tormentato, che riesce a toccare corde profonde, dicendo parecchio pur parlando una lingua tutt’altro che sconosciuta." (Indie-Eye, Italy)

"Claudio Cataldi striking vocal flowing with the harmonies represents perhaps the band most idiosyncratic element. Those lonely moment where it’s just you and your shadow, those dark places we all venture on our own and that time of the night where you crumble yourself to bed thinking of the past, so many artists have covered this ground before and seemed rather evasive, but Claudio’s simplicity prevails and his vocals portrait a colourful decorations on the wall. His sincerity and his motivation without spin or motive makes his works highly fruitful." (The Sirens' Sound, UK)

"È un disco fatto bene, "Homing Season". La prova del talento di un cantautore americano dentro e siciliano fuori. Cataldi ha intrapreso una strada oscura, che passa per rovi, ombre e tormenti. Ma che poi porta in pianeti migliori di quello che, casualmente, ci circonda ogni giorno." (Rockit, Italy)

"It feels raw and passionate, and this is why ‘Homing Season’ as an album really works. It’s music that is clearly very creative, which is why it is enjoyable to listen to. It might feel a little polarizing at times, but the overall effect of the album seems to work to make it an album that is clearly great." (The CD Critic, UK)

"Song of Hate é uma música que abre o disco e deixa o ouvinte de queixo caído, as outras seguem em linha parecida e fazem que o disco seja um daqueles que valem sempre estar próximo ao aparelho de som. Nota 10!" (Canibal Vegetariano, Brazil)

"Capace di affascinare l’anima attraverso atmosfere toccanti ed avvolgenti [...] L’artwork raffigura un’immagine ingrigita di gigli, rispecchiando fedelmente le caratteristiche dell’album: puro, diretto, fragile e malinconico" (Distorsioni, Italy)

"Final is a drugged, droney, spaced out psych song with potent atmospherics and trippy slide guitar garnishment. And Nowadays starts off as pastoral, upbeat wryd-folk, but later develops into a majestic, spaced out rocker with Shoegaze guitar and multiple string elements." (Aural Innovations, USA)

"Con un sonido lo-fi engañoso, por que son muchos los hilos que componen el tejido de esta música, en estas canciones se cruzan muchas otras del pasado. Tienen la dulzura directa de Ultra Vivid Scene en su primera época, la nostalgia oscura de The Jesus and Mary Chain en “Darklands” o “Automatic”, la entrada de mensaje y los arreglos delicados de los American Music Club más lúcidos, el viaje shoegaze sutil de The Red House Painters en canciones como “Rollercoaster” o “Mistress” y el cuelgue espiritual de Slowdive.
Pero con esto no queremos decir que su música involucre una copia, sino que les anticipamos que seguramente podrán encontrar entre los tracks muchas referencias interesantes del pasado, y eso se agradece". (Cassette Blog, Mexico)

"A well-crafted album that explores a variety of sounds and moods within the indiepop/noisepop spectrum and beyond. Song of Hate is underground pop full of intense emotion, swathed in ethereal, shoegazer-esque noise and featuring some effective use of cello. September Air is a fine slice of indiepop, mellow and understated. Let's Go To The Secret Place is lo-fi indierock with an ultra-melodic chorus. Take Care brings together delicate acoustic guitar and sophisticated and atmospheric viola and cello. Unconfined combines indiepop and 1960s American folk, with some nice use of glockenspiel here and there. Final is a hazy, atmospheric track taking on board aspects of psych-rock and shoegaze. A creative and enjoyable album" (Bliss Aquamarine, UK)

"Claudio Cataldi é um daqueles trovadores solitários e apaixonados, o que é expressado através de seus discos e cancões, discipulo de Cohen, Neil Hasltead tanto no seu trabalho no Slowdive quanto no Mojave 3, fica nitido a devocão de Claudio por estas praias de candura, amor, desilusões enfim Claudio canta sua vida e suas próprias verdades." (The Blog That Celebrates Itself, Brazil)

"Straddling the fence between psychedelic pop and acid folk this is a gentle album celebrating the warmth of acoustic instruments (guitar, violin, viola and cello). Cataldi's slightly hoarse vocals sound like he is singing right in front of the listener." (Here Comes The Flood, Netherlands)

"We all know of bands or artists we love because of all the things they’re not. Claudio Cataldi is going to be one of those for me. For all those whom like something a little left of the middle with their rock – there’s some real gems here." (Higher Plain Music, UK)

"Ogni singola nota di ogni singolo strumento sembra posizionata nel giusto istante. Non un suono di chitarra uguale tra due pezzi e una varietà di atmosfere che si mischiano nella nostra testa. Il freddo è il comune denominatore. In questo disco dunque troviamo il tremolio costante delle nostre paure più vive [...] Sicuramente in questo disco non si tratta di una questione di terra o di pelle, ma di quello che c’è dentro. E Claudio, se non l’avete ancora capito, dentro ci arriva benissimo." (Rockambula, Italy. Rated 8/10)




Claudio Cataldi Palermo, Italy

Claudio Cataldi is a singer-songwriter from Palermo, Sicily. This is his solo project, started in 2008. Music from different times and places, but with the same inner mood, and captured with a small microphone and a half-broken amp.

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