Here She Comes Now EP

by Claudio Cataldi



7" - colour vinyl - winkle 22
Released by Fruits De Mer Records, 2016

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Sleeve artwork by Martin Ross Butler

1) "Here She Comes Now" - Written by Lou Reed/John Cale/Sterling Morrison
Performed by Claudio Cataldi
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Federico Di Stefano at Dacia Magolfa studio, Milan

2) "All My Friends Are Here" - Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Claudio Cataldi
Mastered by Alain Paul

3) "Final" - Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Claudio Cataldi
Mastered by Keith Prater

4) "Ropes and Strings" - Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Claudio Cataldi
Mastered by Alain Paul


released April 6, 2016

Chosen as Shindig!'s 4th best single of 2016

"Claudio Cataldi mixes electronic and acoustic sounds on his four track release with the lead track being a cover of “Here She Comes Now” (Velvet Underground) a fuzzy guitar and some lovely jangle giving the tune a relaxed and mellow feel, the vocals almost buried under the thick layers of sound. Equally lovely, is “All My Friends Are here”, a home-spun hippy feel pervading the tune, gentle waves of guitar floating above the melody. Raiding his back catalogue, “Final” and “Ropes and Strings” continue the mellow psych feel of the EP, with the latter being an excellent guitar piece, whilst the former is a classic slice of relaxed song writing that is beautifully constructed" (Terrascope, UK)

"The title track of Claudio Cataldi’s EP takes us back to whichever basement Lou Reed was hanging in when he wrote the title track, and lets the walls close in even further they normally did" (Goldmine, USA)

"Claudio pulls together his musical interests of psychedelia, indiepop and shoegaze in the title track, featuring strummy acoustic guitar overlaid with atmospheric washes of sound. All My Friends are Here is a brand new track exclusive to this release, a minimalistic singer-songwriter piece augmented by ethereal dreampop effects. The other two tracks here are taken from previous releases: Final comes from the Homing Season album on Som Non-Label, a swirling, hazy shoegaze piece with additional influences from vintage psych-rock, and Ropes and Strings is from Soundtracks, an instrumental track combining raw minimalistic folk-rock with atmospheric electronics. [...] Whilst Claudio's music, with its strong influences from shoegaze, indiepop, and DIY hometaper music, falls somewhat outside of FdM's tagline "it's as if the last 40 years never happened", it certainly has much about it that is sure to appeal to psych fans." (Bliss Aquamarine)

"A drop dead smoking cool re-phrasing of the Velvets ‘here she comes now’, so good in fact that I’m almost of a mind to sack the Nirvana version which in truth I always maintained was the final word on the song, this honey comes psychotropically weaved in kaleidoscopic mosaics wearing its own trip-a-delic shades whilst succulently trimmed, haloed and hazed in fuzzing countrified glazes. ‘all my friends are here’ is a newly penned nugget from the Cataldi workbench, a bliss kissed lazy eyed smouldering gem tripped in arcing and genuflecting opining slides dissipates and reference wise sounding admittedly to us not unlike a slipstreaming fan note exchanging meeting point hit upon by a cool reflective Robyn Hitchcock and a ghostly Paul Roland apparition." (The Sunday Experience, UK)

"It mixes US slackerdom with homespun baroque-folk warmth, and will appeal as much to fans of J. Mascis and Elliot Nick Drake as those of Barrett and the Velvets." (Harmonic Distortion)

"A charming production of it’s kind, with a laid back mood and feel to it as a general tendency. My rating: 80/100" (House of Prog)

"No FdM release is complete without at least one cover tune and Claudio does an excellent job with the Reed’s song from the second Velvet Underground album. The original was a simple song and arrangement. Claudio’s reinterpretation is a bit more trippy / dreamy with a slightly darker edge. And the meaning of the song is no clearer today than when it was first recorded." (Exposé)




Claudio Cataldi Palermo, Italy

Claudio Cataldi is a singer-songwriter from Palermo, Sicily. This is his solo project, started in 2008. Music from different times and places, but with the same inner mood, and captured with a small microphone and a half-broken amp.

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